House rules for Sellers is a place for private individuals to sell or trade items. As a community-based website, is committed to providing a safe, fair and pleasant trading environment for all members. The guidelines and policies listed below will give you a good insight of what is expected of you as an member. Please read them carefully.

You are responsible for reviewing and understanding's policies, as well as all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the website's Terms and Conditions.

Remember, you can find and manage all of your ads through your dashboard. You can find this on web by clicking your username or on mobile by tapping "My Profile.

General rules:

  1. Contact details: Email addresses and phone numbers are not to be included within the description of listings, comments and questions (Phone numbers are only allowed on car, boat & motorbike listings).
  2. Logos and Links: You must not use listings to promote any business or website. Logos are not permitted.
  3. Multiple accounts: Only one account per user. All multiple accounts will be deleted.
  4. All communications in English
  5. Personal abuse / Discrimination: Discrimination in any form and use of bad language are not allowed and will be deleted.
  6. Forbidden Items Check the full list of forbidden items here.
  7. Post ads in correct categories: Please post your ad in the appropriate category. We reserve the right to delete ads placed in the wrong category.
  8. Tickets. All ticket sales are at face value (plus booking fee and additional costs) or less. GAA Premium Level Tickets cannot be sold. moderators reserve the right to remove any ad that is deemed excessive.
  9. Commercial sales / Shops You need to contact us to set up an authorised shop account. Please read our rules here
  10. Honour your commitment to buy and sell.
  11. Free items must have an option for collection: Any items which are listed for free must be available for collection. Only offering users the ability to receive the item by post is not allowed.
  12. Please do not list ads for your active ads or advertising your active ads. These will be removed.
  13. Auctions are not allowed on Adverts. On occasion, we may waive this rule for certain charity items once we have verified the authenticity of the item and charity. 
  14. We do not allow the sale of items that are on pre-order. Items must be in your possession before placing an ad for them.

As a seller, you are committed:

  1. To keep all dealings bargaining, offers, etc. on the thread. PMs are not allowed until an offer / provisional offer has been accepted.
  2. To always include a valid asking price* on your 'For Sale' ads. Please keep all prices fair and do not increase the asking price after a first comment has been made.
  3. To keep all listings accurate and current. Mark your item as sold as soon as a deal is agreed.
  4. To only post one item per ad, and only choose one category for your ad. Multiple and duplicate ads will be deleted.
  5. To complete the sale of your item(s) here on if a member or members have expressed active, definite interest.
  6. Not to accept any offer above the current asking price.
  7. To follow through on a deal once an offer has been accepted. Sellers are encouraged to take a buyer's feedback into consideration before accepting an offer and are free to accept any offer made regardless of the order in which it was placed.
  8. Not to accept any money offered for items posted in the Free section.

*The asking price is defined as: "the price that the seller has listed on their ad". The listed price cannot be increased, but can be reduced. 

Breaches of these policies may result in a range of actions, including:

We reserve the right to edit and delete ads from our site at any time and without prior notice. A list of items not permitted for sale can be seen here

Thank you for reading these rules, and good luck with your buying and selling experience on!

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