Tips for a quick sale

  1. Add lots of pictures: Having plenty of clear photos of your item will let potential buyers gauge if your item is what they are looking for. The more photos the better, there is no limit on the amount of photos you can place on your ad.

  2. Add a description: Include as much detail as possible in your description (Size, colour, measurements etc). This will minimize the amount of questions on your thread and will speed up your sale. Having more information in your description will also help your advert appear in more ‘free text’ search results.

  3. Fair price: Make sure you are not overpricing your item. Remember if it is not brand new, you aren’t going to sell the item for what you bought it for 2 years ago. If you are unsure of what to value your item at, check out similar items for sale on the site.

  4. Enter a clear title: Include brand, model and size in the title of your ad so that the ad both stands out and shows up in more searches.

  5. Check your spelling: Spelling mistakes can be fatal. This could mean your ad may not show up in a specific search on both and Google.

  6. Share your ad: Share the link of your advert on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Whatsapp, Email etc – Spreading the word with your friends helps sell items twice as fast.

  7. Bump your ad: Keep your advert at the top of the list in its category. Premium ads sell up to 4 times faster then basic ads!
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