Safety Tips for Selling and Buying Online

The vast majority of Adverts users are trustworthy and genuine.

Nevertheless, it is very important to have common sense and take the same precautions online as you would offline.

The following guidelines will help you stay safe whether your buying or selling goods through classified ads:

Advice for Buyers: 

  • Review seller feedback.
  • Communicate with the seller via the Adverts platform.  
  • Before purchase ensure that you have all of the necessary seller details, so you can make contact if there is a problem with the product.
  • It is important that before purchasing you are happy with the working order of the item.
  • Beware if the goods are cheaper than normal.
  • Trusting your gut is simple but effective; if something doesn’t feel right don’t feel pressure to make a quick purchase. 
  • Report any suspicious activity to the Adverts team.



  • Ensure you have full access to your purchase before handing over all your money.
  • Never send money by bank transfer unless you are absolutely certain you are sending it to someone you know and trust. Sending money by bank transfer is like sending someone cash and generally, once you send it, it’s gone.
  • Be careful about how you are carrying cash to pay for goods.
  • Protect yourself from online phishing scams.  
  • If you decide to pay via PayPal make sure you select that you are paying for goods and services - not to friends and family. This is one of many eligibility criteria for the Paypal Protection for Buyers
  • Adverts does not endorse any escrow company i.e. companies that will transfer money on behalf of a buyer. 
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