Shop disputes

Shops selling on are bound by the Consumer Protection Act 2007, the Sale of Good Acts 1980and the Distance Selling Regulations. is not responsible for any transactions or dealings that take place between a private user and a shop. However if you have bought from a shop and have a complaint, here is what you can do:

I have bought an item from a shop and haven't received it yet: 

Depending on the arrangements made with the shop, you should either receive a shipping confirmation or a private message from the shop within 48 hours. You can also send a private message to the shop.

If you haven't heard from the shop within 48 hours, please contact and we will contact the shop to let them know you are trying to get in touch.

Most delays have a genuine reason, however if you are concerned you may be a victim of fraud, please follow our advice below:

Contact the nearest Garda station and report the user for fraud.

You will need to give them both usernames as well as a copy of the ad. We have some information on the user but all such information is bound by the Data Protection Act and we can only release it via the correct channels.

The Gardai can get this information but they will need to submit a request for information under section 8 of the data protection act to us either by fax (01 6865310) or by post:, Latin Hall, Golden Lane, Dublin 8.

I wish to make an exchange/apply for a refund: 
If you wish to exchange the item or apply for a refund, you can check their 'terms and conditions' link on their shop homepage for information or contact the shop directly.

All shops are asked to display their own refunds and exchange policies on the site. Failure to do so means the standard Distance Regulations exchange and refund policies apply (30 days to make an exchange or apply for a refund).

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