5 real reasons you didn't get the job

So you were asked for an interview. You thought everything went well, but they never called you back. Sometimes they have valid reasons, and sometimes it’s nothing to do with you.

We’ve come up with 5 possible reasons you didn’t get the job and to avoid them next time.


You're Overqualified

This is especially true in this current climate. Being overqualified poses a threat to some employers. You may become restless and unhappy, and eventually leave for a better offer.

If you know that to be the case, make sure to clearly explain why you applied for such a job.


You spoke badly of your ex-employer

Never criticise a former employer, or complain about them to a prospective employer, whatever the reason is. It is an immediate red flag, however great you are.


You were found out

You enhanced your cv a bit too much and you were not able to back it up. The interviewer will not give you a second chance.


You don’t interview well

You may have the perfect cv, but when it comes to interviews, your nerves get the better of you. You talk too much or too little, your vocabulary is poor, and you give out the wrong impression.

Practising and preparing will help you get better. Analyse where things went wrong during your last interview and learn from your mistakes.


You didn’t clean up your online presence.

After the interview, the interviewer might have chosen to Google you. Is your Facebook profile public? Are they any pictures you wish an employer wouldn’t see? It is very common for interviewers to go through that process so make sure to delete anything that may rule against you.

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