How fees work if you are a shop

Listing fees

Items priced under €25: €0.25 cents.
Items priced over €25: €0.75 cents.

Commission fees

When you make a sale on, you will be charged 3.5% commission on the total sale price if you opt in to automatic billing.

(For example, if you sell an item for €10, you will be charged €0.35 cents.)

Fees FAQ

    1. If I withdraw an item will the listing fee be refunded? 
      No, the listing fee is non refundable.
    2. Does the stock amount on an ad affect the listing price? 
      No, you can have up to 100 stock items in one ad placement.
    3. Does the success fee apply to the shipping cost on my ad? 
      No, the 3.5%* success fee is charged based on the item price only.
    4. If a transaction is cancelled by the customer, is the 3.5%* fee refundable? 
      Yes. See below on how to request a refund.
    5. What happens if I change my item price from below €25 to above?
      You will receive an additional 50c charge to the 25c originally charged on your bill as you have increased the ad price to the higher bracket.
    6. Note: If an ad is withdrawn or sold and then relisted a listing fee will apply

*The 3.5% fee applies if signed up for automatic billing. An additional 1% will be charged in not signed up for automatic billing



Bumping your ad will place it back at the top of the listings in it's category, but will still include all comments made on your original post.

There are 3 types of bumps:

  1. Basic BumpCosts €1. This bumps your advert to the top of the listings. You receive a free €1 credit every 30 days to bump your ad OR you can purchase a basic bump at any time at a cost of €1.
  2. Priority Bump – Costs €3. This bumps your advert to the top of the priority listings and will keep your ad in the priority listings, above the basic ads, for 3 days.
  3. Premium Bump – Costs €5. This bumps your advert to the top of the premium listings and will keep it in the premium listings, above all priority or basic ads, for 7 days. A premium badge will also appear on your ad.

*Please note – bumps are category related only and do not apply for ‘free text searches’

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