Buy now ads

Shops sell using a 'Buy Now' button, which allows you to buy an item right away without having to contact the seller.

You should not place offers on shop ads, only ask a question or buy instantly through the 'Buy Now' button.

How do I use the 'Buy Now' button?

  1. If you don’t need to ask the shop a question, just click 'Buy Now'.

    Buy now ad screenshot 

  2. Select the quantity of the item you want.

  3. Select your shipping location and enter your address. Once saved, you can remove this address or enter a new one. Your address will automatically be saved on your account for your next purchase. Some shops also allow collection.Buy now ad screenshot 

  4. Once complete, click ‘Pay with PayPal’ to pay via credit card or a PayPal account and complete your order. Some shops allow alternative payment options like cash on collection, credit card details over the phone, etc - this is why the ‘Pay by Cash’ button may appear in the check out area. 

    Buy now ad screenshot 

  5. When the ‘Pay by Cash’ button is selected, the message below appears for you to complete your order.

    Buy now ad screenshot
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