Top Seller FAQs

What is a Top Seller?

A Top Seller, is someone who has great feedback and lists items which sell very well. At Adverts we're confident that they are trusted members of the Adverts community and so we give their profile and items a "Top Seller" badge.



How do I become a Top Seller?

To be a Top Seller, you need to meet 3 criteria.

1: Feedback score of 50 or more (positive feedback minus negative feedback)

2: No negative feedback in the last 90 days

3: At least 50% of items you have listed have been marked as sold


So, if you have 10 active ads, 20 withdrawn ads and 70 sold ads, then you would qualify as more than 50% of your ads have been marked as "sold".

Once someone meets these criteria, a "Top Seller" badge will be added to their profile and ads within 24 hours. 


I was a Top Seller but received negative feedback. Can I do anything?

If this happens, within 24 hours you will lose your Top Seller badge. If you feel the feedback was unjust, you can dispute it by using the report option on the feedback.

Otherwise, provided you do not receive any further negative feedback, you will get your Top Seller badge back in 90 days. 

You'll be able to see if your account is marked as a Top Seller or not by the badge under your profile image on your dashboard.


I'm a shop, can I be a Top Seller?

No. Currently, the Top Seller feature only applies to private sellers. We are currently investigating similar solutions which are more applicable to shops, but at the moment we do not have any final plans for that. 


Can I buy a Top Seller badge?

No. To keep Adverts open and fair, Top Seller badges will only apply to people who meet the above criteria. 

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