How do I edit my account details?

Editing your account on Desktop

Login to your account. Click on "your username" (top right-hand corner of the page).

You can then edit your email address, password, location and profile picture in the top left corner of your profile page, under "my details".

Editing your account on the App

To change your location, email address or profile picture, click on "my profile" (bottom right-hand corner).

You can then edit your email, location and profile picture. To edit your password, you will need to log into the full desktop site.

Editing your username

You can only change your username during the first 90 days after signing up, and a maximum of 2 times during this window. To change your username, go to your profile page, and under the My Details section, you will see your username with an edit button beside it. For username changes after this 90 day period, please email from the email address used on your Adverts account.

Editing your phone number

Usernames and phone numbers cannot be changed by users. If you wish to change your username or the phone number registered on your account, please email from the email address used on your account with your current username/number and what you would like to change your username/number to.

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