Paying invoices

At the end of each calendar month, a shop will be issued an invoice for all the fees which they have incurred that month. Payment is due within 14 days of the invoice being issued.

How will I receive my invoice?

Invoices are emailed out at the end of each month to the primary email address associated with the Adverts Shop account. This can be changed at any time from your shop profile which you can access by clicking your username.

What fees are included in my invoice?

Invoices will include any fees the shop has incurred that calendar month, including listing feescommission fees, and bumps. When a buyer purchases from a shop using a debit/credit card, the shop's commission is paid immediately. For reference, however, these transactions will still be included on invoices, but will just be marked as paid. You can read more about that here.  

How can I pay my invoice?

You can pay your invoice using debit/credit card, PayPal, or credit transfer.

Credit/Debit card: Shops can sign up for automatic billing on their profile screen. Just submit card details, and then invoices will be automatically charged to that card 14 days after an invoice has been issued.

PayPal: Each invoice contains a custom PayPal link for paying for that invoice. You can also send payment to, but remember to include your shop name.

Credit transfer:
Account name: Adverts Marketplace Limited
IBAN: IE95 BOFI 9000 8439 451204
Swift code: BOFIIE2D

Invoices must be paid within 14 days or else your account will be temporarily suspended pending payment.

You can also pay any outstanding balance directly from your account by clicking the Pay Now button in the account summary section.

What is automatic billing?

Adverts Shops can now sign up for automatic billing. All you have to do is add a credit/debit card to your account, and 14 days after an invoice has been issued, payment will be drawn automatically from that card. Receipt of all payments will then be emailed to the primary email address on the account.


How do I sign up for automatic billing?

When you log into your Shops account on Adverts, you will see a panel titled 'Simple invoice payments' with a signup button. Clicking that button will display a card input. Just add your card details, and then that card will be used for paying your invoices each month. 


Where are my card details stored?

As with all card transactions on Adverts, this process is handled entirely by our payment partner Stripe. Adverts does not hold or store any card details or sensitive information on our own databases. All card information is securely held and processed by Stripe to ensure maximum protection for the Shop.

Stripe is a payments company specialising in enabling sellers to accept payments online. Founded by Limerick brothers John and Patrick Collison, the company is trusted by thousands of companies and is currently valued at $3.5 billion. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification.
You can learn more about Stripe here:


Can I change which card is used for automatic billing?

Yes, once you have signed up for automatic billing, you will see that displayed in the Revenue section of your Shop dashboard. From here you will have the option to change the card used for making payments, or to cancel the automatic billing process altogether.


Requesting a refund for failed/cancelled orders

When a customer purchases an item from your shop using the ‘Buy Now’ button, you will be charged a 3.5% transaction fee of your sale price. However, if a customer no longer wishes to complete the order (if they’ve used the ‘Pay by Cash’ button) or if they’re requested a refund from you, you are entitled to a refund of the 3.5% fee. You will not, however, be refunded the listing fee.

To request a refund, please send an email to with the following criteria:

  1. Username
  2. Link(s) to the item you wish to request a refund for
  3. Date and Username of buyer

Please note; you must have confirmation of the sale falling through/being refunded in your private messages to confirm your request.

Your invoice will then be credited and you will be sent an amended one. You can keep track of all your invoices in your dashboard when you're logged in.

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