My Watchlist

You can keep track of all the items you are interested in by adding them your watchlist. 

What is my watchlist

Your watchlist is a self-curated list of adverts that can be easily accessed form your profile. Adding listings to your watchlist makes it easy to keep track of ads you are interested in, and ensures you get notifications for any activity on those ads.

For adverts on your watchlist, you will receive an alert for any new questions on that ad, any comments from the seller, if the price changes, or if the ad gets marked as sold or withdrawn.

Your watchlist can then be accessed by clicking My Watchlist in the top line of links on the website, or from your profile screen on the apps. 

Adding an ad to your watchlist:

When you place a comment or offer on an ad, that ad automatically gets added to your watchlist. 

You can also manually add items to your watchlist by clicking on the "Watch Ad" button on an ad.

Removing ads from your watchlist on desktop:

There are two ways to remove ads from your watchlist when on the desktop site:

  • Click on the "Stop Watching" button on the ad
  • Go to "My Profile" to access your watchlist and click on "remove" next to each ad.

Removing ads from your watchlist on app:

To remove an ad from your watchlist using the app, go to the advert and unclick the ‘watch’ button.

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