Service Ads Overview

What are Service Ads?
Adverts Services, gives anyone who provides a professional service the ability to list their service on Adverts. We have tradesmen, cleaners, mechanics, dog groomers, wedding bands and just about any other service you can think of.

What does it cost to list a service ad?
A basic service ad for 30 days for €5. You can also make your ad appear higher in your category by choosing a priority ad for €8 or a premium ad for €10.

Ad Type Cost Description
Basic €5 Service ad in up to 3 categories for 30 days.
Priority €8 Appears on top of all Basic ads in your category for 3 days.
Premium €10 Appears on top of all Priority ads in your category for 7 days. And your ad will also get a premium badge.

Why are there no comments on service ads?
Unlike general ads on Adverts, service providers are not selling one item so the ad will not be removed once they make a sale. Most of the time the service they provide and the cost of that service will depend on the job you need done.

This means that it is quicker and more efficient to private message or call service providers directly so you can start talking about your job any pricing.

Can people leave feedback on service ads?
Any user can leave feedback for a service provider once they have communicated with them via private message.

Like the rest of Adverts, feedback is an important part of our marketplace. Which is why on service ads, we'll highlight and give examples of their feedback right on the ad.

Can anyone list a service ad?
Yes, anyone with an Adverts account can list a service ad.

Why do some users with service ads have different profiles?
These users are registered "Service Providers" with adverts. They can only list service ads. Their public profile is a different design to other users and when they are logged in they see a dashboard with stats on how their ads are performing.

If you want to register your account as a service provider, just send an email to and we'll get you set up!


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