Job Postings Rules

Basic ad
€75 - stays active on the site for 60 days.

Priority ad
€85 - stays on top of basic ads for 3 days.

Premium ad
€95 - stays on top of basic ads for 7 days.

One of the above fees must be paid to post a job on 
In addition to our general rules, you are expected to abide by the following policies detailed below:

  1. Only one job per posting.
  2. No duplicates. Do not post the same job twice, even if different job categories. You can pick up to 2 additional categories when listing your ad.
  3. If you are recruiting for a job that is not yet vacant, this should be made clear in the description.
  4. If the job is commission-only, please make it clear on the ad.
  5. Post your job in the most relevant categories If you need help, please contact us.
  6. Mark your job as filled once you have found a successful candidate.
  7. Do not add any links to other job websites.
  8. Employers should not advertise positions that indicate or intends to discriminate. For further information please click here 

Prohibited jobs

Ads relating to any of these types of jobs are not allowed:

  • Pyramid selling or multi-level marketing.
  • Escort / adult industry work.
  • Medical trials.

We also at our discretion restrict certain work from home jobs for safety reasons. We reserve the right to edit or remove ads from our site at any time and without prior notice. It is the advertiser's responsibility to abide by our rules. It is our policy not to refund any ads that have been removed for breaching our rules. Thank you for reading these rules, and best of luck with your candidate search on

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