Ad Sharing from

From December 2017, for some categories, when there are less than 10 search results on Adverts, we will display similar ads from our sister site, Clicking on any of these ads will direct you to the website.


Why are Adverts displaying DoneDeal ads?

The purpose of this, is to give buyers more options when a search only returns a small number of ads. This ensures you will get more variety and hopefully help you find what you are looking for at a great price.


Can I use my Adverts account on

No. You will be able to view ads on DoneDeal, but to message the seller you will need to log in with or create a account.


Are Adverts ads going to be displayed on

Right now, they are not. Whether or not we do this in future will depend on how useful our customers find this feature. If it results in more people finding what they are looking for, then we may start displaying Adverts ads on


Is there any personal data shared between sites?

No. The only items which are shared are the title image, ad price, ad title and location. We do not share any personal information from our sellers on Adverts.

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