House rules for Buyers is a place for private individuals to sell or trade items. As a community-based website, is committed to providing a safe, fair and pleasant trading environment for all members. The guidelines and policies listed below will give you a good insight of what is expected of you as an member. Please read them carefully.

You are responsible for reviewing and understanding's policies, as well as all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the website's Terms and Conditions.

As a Buyer, you are committed:

  1. To make fair and genuine offers. Thread spoiling (random comments and price comparison from other sites) is not allowed.
  2. Not to offer above the current asking price. (you can, however continue to offer asking price in case of drop outs)
  3. Not to offer any money for items posted in the 'Free' section.
  4. To keep all dealings bargaining, offers, etc. on the thread. Private messages are not allowed until sale or viewing is agreed.
  5. Not to include any contact details in your comments and questions.
  6. To honour your commitment to buy or sell (continuous retractions from accepted offers may result in account suspension).
  7. Not to use bad language or discriminate in any form.
  8. With regards to requesting free items on the site, each account is given 50 requests per calendar month. Once those are used, you need to wait until the following month for that to reset. Going on to ads after the requests have run out and asking for those items in the form of a comment may lead to a suspension on your account.

Please do not reply to email alerts. You need to post your reply directly on Adverts. You can find your messages or items from your account dashboard.

Please use the 'Report Ad' button to report any advertisement that is in breach of rules, illegal or in any other way objectionable.

Breaches of these policies may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Removal of thread
  • Account suspension 

Thank you for reading these rules, and good luck with your buying and selling experience on!


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