I want to close my account

If you wish to close your account, please email support@adverts.ie from the email address you used to register your account.

Closing your account means we will remove all your ads from the site, and scramble your password, email address and phone number*. We will also remove any email subscriptions or notifications you may receive and turn off your private messages.

The details we keep:

  • Feedback you left for others
  • Comments you left for others

If your account is free of comments and transactions, we will remove all details within 7 days.

If your account holds any incomplete transactions, we will review each transaction before we close your account. This can take up to 40 days.

Once your account is closed, we will send you a confirmation by email.

We do not close any account that is blocked or banned.

*Account information can be stored for up to 40 days after account closure.


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