When do I get charged the success fee?

No Success Fees Promotion

From the 24/4/17 to the 31/7/17, Adverts is running a promotion where there are no success fees on private ads placed between these dates. This means, with the exception of the examples below, you can sell anything on Adverts for free, right through the summer.

The following are not affected by this promotion and will continue to pay fees:

  • Motor Ads
  • Shop Ads
  • Service Ads
  • Job Ads


Before this promotion users were charged the relevant success fee when an ad is marked as sold.

The fee depends on the price the item was sold for, if you have accepted an offer. If you have not accepted a formal offer, the success fee will be based on the asking price for which the ad was originally listed.

When transactions have been completed, sellers have the option to mark an ad as sold. In cases where an offer has been accepted and positive feedback has been left, Adverts will automatically mark an ad as sold after 48 hours.

You will receive an invoice for your payment via email once your ad is marked as sold.

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