Success fees

No Success Fees Promotion

From the 24/4/17 to the 31/7/17, Adverts is running a promotion where there are no success fees on private, ads placed between these dates. This means, with the exception of the below examples, you can sell anything on Adverts for free, right through the summer.

The following are not affected by this promotion and will continue to pay fees:

  • Motor Ads
  • Shop Ads
  • Service Ads
  • Job Ads
  • Electronics Ads (until 8/5/17)


What are success fees?

Success fees are fees charged by Adverts for some items you sell. Success fees are only charged after you have successfully sold the item. So, if you don't sell an item, there is no success fee.

The success fees charged are as follows:

Price of item for sale Success Fee charge when marked as sold
€0 to €29 No success fee
€30 to €49 €1
€50 to €99 €2
€100 and above €3

If you sell your item for less than your asking price, the success fee will be based on the offer accepted.


Ad types with no success fees

Premium and Priority Ads: Premium and priority ads result in your ad getting a higher ranking in our categories. You pay this fee upfront and so when your ad sells we do not charge a success fee.

Note that this only applies to ads listed as Premium or Priority. Ads which are bumped after listing will still pay a success fee when sold.

Motor Ads: When you list a motor ad, you pay a listing fee upfront and so there are no success fees after a sale.

Service Ads: If you list your service on Adverts you  pay a listing fee up front and so there are no success fees for any jobs you get from the service ad.

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